Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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The dark city swallows me in its vortex
concrete piled up in blocks like a fortress
binding me in its fierce chains burning fire,
ice-cold, celled, and like prisoner I am held

A cell of bricks and glass, modern paint,
and carpets on the empty floors, I rent,
to impound myself, and seek the shade
shield the inferno that cries for the dead.

Seized between the fire and the shade,
no will, no courage, and a body decayed
A breathing corpse, and a beating heart
searching for the path, from the world apart

Fire and the shade, my spirit they trade 
freedom is an illusion and death I dread
Seeking the mountains reaching so high
and the rains falling from the sky, I cry

Give me Freedom or Give me Death
Give me Freedom or Give me Death