Sunday, September 15, 2013


The crying mountain crawls under the setting sun
with an echo reverberating the solitary barn
I sit in my rustic cabin howling the million stars
sending them the currents my existing scars.

I call upon thou and the infestation of your species
to look upon your world classifying you as humans
And gaze deep down through your hearts of desire
to find yourselves being a germ, a parasite, a disease.

A blast of entropy has constituted your presence
sending waves of terror with your transgressions
The vortex of your desires will remain unfulfilled
until you consume yourself with nothing to rebuild.

I gaze at the ants crawling upon my ascending hearth
as the sapiens breed upon you from south to north
I burn inside in shadows, until my magma erupts
and the fire inside me blazes our epidemic disorders.