Thursday, January 26, 2012



A beautiful bird once came down the heavens,
with a golden beak and a whole white feathers.
She knew not of this mysterious world,
the dark creatures that surrounded her.

Caught in the whirlpool, she struggles in the deep,
but, drops on the ground and falls asleep.
They envy her, chain her, enslave her,
the dark creatures of this mysterious world.

She wakes up in the cage with the sound of a drum,
not knowing who she was and where she was from.
Having forgotten her faith and her destiny,
she was caught in mysteries of the cruel world.

The years passed, the times turned,
She was enslaved, beaten and burnt.
She pretended to be happy trying to live,
her bounded life to the fullest extent.

The pretentions now turn into acceptance,
This is her new heavens, her new living sense.
Everything is perfect and as beautiful,
The mockery, the slavery and the reality.


She meets a creature unique kind-hearted,
who was once a kid when she was chained.
He remembers the past the tides and times,
The unfortunate lights that day they shined.

The creature shows her stars and skies,
The glooming heavens and shining turquoise.
'Oh bird! go home' says the creature,
and opens the cage to route her freedom.

She stood outside and looked at heavens,
Blinking at stranger with her pretty eyes.
But, she knew not of heavens that existed,
The taste of freedom which was unexperienced.

She goes back now in the her beautiful cell,
to be locked forever till the day she swells.
Freedom and Life is not what you get,
But, its the even and odd choices you make.

Cross the lines that curbs your life,
When you have to think to make a choice.
The bird couldn't see past her own boundary
and chose to be in the unknown uncertainty.